Kailua Real Estate and Kailua homes for saleBEGINNING YOUR JOURNEY At this time you should choose a reliable and competent real estate professional. It takes dedication, experience and drive to be successful. I will achieve that for you! As your realtor I will guide you throughout the buying process from start to finish. It is my responsibility to always look out for your best interest. Having a realtor will be at no cost to you. It is the seller’s responsibility to compensate both buyer’s and seller’s agents.
Your lender will assist you in assessing your current financial situation, what price range you will be comfortable with and also what amount you can be pre-qualified for. I know of several local dependable lenders who will give guidance and present the best loan programs suited to your needs.

It is crucial to have an experienced lender that you can trust. They will help avoid any obstacles that may turn up during the escrow process. If you are a first time home buyer you may qualify for mortgage programs with little money down, low interest rates or federal programs that give beneficial rates. Check out loan options that will best suit you. When you have settled on a type of loan and a loan institution, get pre qualified. It is best to do this before you do any serious shopping for properties, so you know your financial parameters. You will also need to provide a pre qualification letter when submitting your offer.

Begin by creating a prioritized list of features you desire in your search, such as: location, number of bedrooms, interior/exterior square footage, fenced in yard, view, etc..Use this as a guide, but remember depending on your budget, you may need to make compromises along the way. 
Once you know what features you are looking for, it’s time to check out what is on the market. I will arrange to email you new listings daily that will meet your criteria. When reviewing the listings, you need to consider every aspect of that property, such as: property condition, square footage, amenities that may be included, any exclusions, terms that are acceptable etc.

Properties for sale are generally open to the public on Sunday afternoon’s between 2-5pm that you can visit freely. I am also available to make appointments for private showings, and we can view properties together. When shopping for a home, take a camera with you to help keep track of which properties you may want to pursue.

So you have found it! That perfect house that fits all your wants and needs. You are ready to make an offer! Once there is a property of interest found, I will provide a comparable market analysis on it to determine how it is priced, and what to offer.

I will prepare, present, and assist in negotiating the best price, terms and conditions for you as my client. Some things that might be negotiated may include: The final sales price, inspections to be done, desired timeline, who will pay what closing costs, any special considerations of things to be included and excluded from the sale.

The purchase contract includes a timeline of inspections, and documents that will need to be reviewed and signed by both parties. The contract is designed to legally protect all parties involved.

Once an offer is accepted, the inspections can be done and any findings will be resolved before closing. After the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the sale, the property goes into escrow, which can take a couple months on average to reach closing if you are financing, or sooner if you are paying cash. Escrow can be opened by the buyer or the seller’s agent. The escrow agent and their company act as a neutral third party for serving as custodian for funds and documents, providing a clearing house for payment of demands and performing clerical details for the closing of the property.

I will schedule and attend inspections such as: Home inspection, termite, etc..needed to achieve a successful close of escrow. This is a crucial time when you rely on my expertise throughout the escrow process. I will be in close contact with you, your lender, escrow agent, and seller’s realtor to ensure a smooth transaction. Call for Kailua Real Estate and Kailua homes for sale!

The buyer and seller will pay closing or settlement costs, an accumulation of separate charges paid to different entities for the professional services associated with the buying and selling of a property.

Before closing, I will make sure that all necessary paperwork, deposits and inspections have been completed. A final walk through will be performed. We will review any warranties that will be passed on to you as the new owner. Each party signs at escrow, and final payments are made. The property records. Congratulations! You are the new owners!

Whether you are purchasing or selling your property, it is very important to have a clear understanding of your expectations and a good line of communication. This completed form will get us off to a good start. Please take a moment to brief me on your real estate needs, so I can better assist you with Kailua Real Estate and Kailua homes for sale.


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Kailua Real Estate and Kailua homes for sale