Seller’s Plan

Lila Marino-CamachoSELLER’S PLAN



Part 1


To assist you as my client in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience to you. The following plan includes Lila’s standard policies as well as snapshot of additional services that she provides.

  • PREPPING YOUR HOUSE TO SELL: (1-2 weeks prior to going on the market). The following steps are as follows:
  • Make sure that your house is in working order. Having a pre home inspection is a great way to find out any concerns with the property. Having any concerns taken care of before being under contract can save you money and headaches: Fix leaky faucets, a new coat of paint goes a long way (go neutral), make sure all the light fixtures/fans work, yard needs to be landscaped etc. Lila is available to assist in providing vendor referrals for repairs that will need to get done. The goal is to make sure that your home is shown at its best! With Lila’s help, she can make this process a little easier for you.
  • De-clutter, Clean & Stage your property: It has been proven that a “staged” home will sell faster and will demand a higher price. Lila will provide many tips, suggestions and assist in staging. If needed or requested, a consultation with a professional stager and also professional cleaner referrals can be provided. We can discuss the results together and create a plan that will work best for you.
  • Statistics prove that the majority of homes listed will be viewed through the internet. First impression is very important. Photographs of your property need to be qualitative and attractive. Lila will hire a professional photographer at no charge to you!


Part 2


  • A “For Sale” sign will be posted in front of your house at no charge to you.
  • Lila will submit your home with photographs into the MLS at no charge to you.
  • Lila will create a comprehensive and attractive “Fact Sheet” on your property to print for open houses at no charge to you.
  • Depending on the timing of your listing of when it is ready to launch, Lila often mails postcards to your surrounding area to announce your first open house at no charge to you.
  • Print marketing advertising and social media: Ads will be submitted to the newspaper. Various social media venues such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be used to feature your property for sale at no charge to you.
  • Your property listing will be submitted to many major Real Estate websites and Lila’s website: at no charge to you.
  • A “Featured Property Folder” will be created for your open houses that will include any necessary disclosure information on your property such as its fact sheet, comparables, tmk information, upgrades, and any permitting documents to disclose at no charge to you.
  • Email blasts will be sent out to the top 1000 Realtors island wide exposing your property for broker’s opens and open houses.


Part 3


  • Please provide Lila with your best contact numbers, email addresses in order to be reached for showing requests etc. Also the best time of day to call or text if needed to be reached.
  • Lila requests generally, that cooperating agents give a days notice for showing a property when owner or tenant occupied. Depending on your situation this can be arranged to accommodate your particular situation. Shorter notice may be requested but is not required that we accommodate those requests. Easy access to show a property will be beneficial to you in the long run. It is advisable whenever possible for the owner/tenant to not be present for the showings.
  • Lila will follow up with every agent who shows your home. Comments and feedback will be shared with your weekly update that will be provided to you.
  • Lila will hold one to two Sunday Open Houses and one to two Brokers opens the first two weeks that your home is on the market (depending on the situation). After that we will decide if additional open houses will be needed or wanted.
  • Lila will also have other well qualified agents sit your Open House from time to time. It is sometimes beneficial to have an agent besides Lila who is ready, willing and qualified to sit. It is found that buyers tend to be more open to comments when the listing agent is not present.


Part 4


A pre determined and mutually agreed upon communication schedule is a key component to success!

  • Lila will write up a weekly update concerning any progress that has been made for that week whether it is active or in escrow till closing.
  • Lila will contact you each week to give you feedback on the open house activity and any feedback to report.
  • 2 week review: At the end of three weeks on the market, Lila will schedule an “in person” meeting with you to review new and pending homes on the market as well as reevaluate our marketing strategy if your home is not in escrow yet.
  • Once in escrow, Lila will communicate with you closely on your timeline. Lila will make sure that all necessary documents are signed in a timely manner. Lila uses a service called “Docusign” which enables one to multiple parties to legally sign documents through their email (computer or phone) anywhere in the world in seconds. A very easy way of signing documents without having to print or scan.


Part 5


  • Make an extra set of keys for the lockbox.
  • Fill out your Seller’s Disclosure Statement.
  • Provide any Homeowners Association information if applicable.
  • Prepare a list of upgrades done during your ownership before listing the property. Also make Lila aware of any additional features of the property that would be beneficial to know and pass on to brokers and potential buyers.
  • Gather any receipts, warranties of your upgrades, new appliances etc. Also a list of current vendors who may be servicing your pool, yard, appliances that you would care to share with the new buyer.



  • The quickest way to reach Lila is by phone (808) 341-6034, text, or email:, whichever is convenient for you.
  • Lila’s days/hours of operation: Monday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Lila will occasionally take time off. However, her schedule is dictated on demand.. She is very attentive with clients. She answers all of her calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner. You will not be filtered by any assistants or other second party people. The goal is to strive in “exceeding your expectations”.