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Lanikai Realtor Lanikai Homes for SaleTHE SELLING PROCESS: What is your home value? If you are a current home owner that is considering selling your property, it is highly advised to hire a competent Realtor who you will feel comfortable with, that is also knowledgeable of the neighborhood, and most of all you trust. Lila is a full time, full service, seasoned Realtor that has a proven track record qualified to sell your property.

We are currently in a “Seller’s Market” which now is a great time to sell. Depending on the location, how the property is priced marketed, and staged, we are seeing multiple offers and sellers getting well over their asking price. However it still takes experience, skill, insight, preparation work, staging and a good marketing plan to receive the maximum profit on your property. Below you will find a basic outline to follow and what to expect during the “Selling Process”.

Lila will look out for your best interest from start to finish. You should feel comfortable communicating with your realtor and confident in their capabilities. It takes dedication, experience and drive to be successful. If you are planning to sell an “owner occupied” property, and will be also finding a replacement property, you will need to strategize on how this can be executed to your advantage. Lila will discuss what choices you may have on this matter and can help plan and achieve your goals.

Setting a price on your property is extremely important to determine. Pricing your property wisely will greatly determine how long it will be on the market. Lila will provide you comparable sales in your neighborhood. This report will be tailored to comparable properties to yours that will enable you to evaluate the history of sold properties and also study the current market conditions. You will then be able to make an informed decision on a list price. Discussing a marketing strategy is key. When selling, it is important to bring your property to the buyer. This means having a successful marketing campaign. Maximum exposure of your property is vital. Your realtor should offer a wide selection of advertising tools which should include national and local internet exposure from several websites, newspaper advertising, print ads, visual signage, open houses to the brokers and public to name a few things. Each property is different. This marketing plan should be tailored to give your property its maximum potential exposure it deserves.

Curb appeal is very important. The front door greets the prospect. Make sure the lawn is manicured and the yard is free of any refuse. Fix any minor repairs, ie: leaking faucets, broken fixtures. Your house should be in working order to avoid complications when in escrow. You may even want to hire a home inspector to find any hidden issues that can be addressed before you list. This sometimes avoids future negotiations with the buyer once under contract. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way and it is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home inside and out. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Make sure that the counters are free of clutter. They need to sparkle! Closets should be organized and neat, windows, light fixtures, surfaces and floors should be clean.

Depersonalize your home! Remove any personal pictures and excess clutter. Staging the area with minimal furniture will allow guests to use their imagination and show that space is ample. I will offer my suggestions and also assist in staging. Adding live plants or flowers, maybe a centerpiece to your table, lit candles in strategic areas will enhance charm to your home. Make sure that the area has a pleasant scent.

Make a list of any upgrades or selling features that Lila can use on the property fact sheets. It is also wise to order a permit package before listing. This will show record of past history on the property and any improvements accounted for. This is a good tool to provide the appraiser once you are in escrow.

Pets should be removed from open houses. Also remove any valuables from the public eye. Your home should be welcoming with open curtains/blinds for natural light. The lights, fans and air conditioning should be on. All guests will be required to sign into the guest log, so there is a record of who has visited. Have your house ready and easy to show. It is highly recommended that the Seller not be present during open houses or private showings. Buyers and agents alike need to feel comfortable walking through the property without the owner present. Your cooperation is appreciated and will help close the sale quicker.
You received an offer or possibly multiple offers! It is important to review this offer very carefully. Lila will present and review all offers with you. Some things that will be negotiated may include, final sales price, deposits, who will pay what closing costs, special considerations of things to be included or excluded from the sale, when the closing date will be and when the transfer of ownership will occur.

Lila will assist you in negotiations, and arrive at an acceptable price, terms and conditions. After the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the sale, the property goes into escrow which can take several weeks (45-60 days on average) to reach closing. Sometimes a shorter time frame with cash transactions.

Escrow can be opened by the buyer or seller’s agent. The escrow agent and their company act as a neutral third party for serving as custodian for funds and documents, providing a clearing house for payment of demands and performing clerical details for the closing. When in escrow, there will be deadlines to meet such as: delivering your disclosure statement. You will need to be very detailed with this report. It is extremely important for you to disclose any present or past history with your property even if you have fixed, renovated, or replaced anything in the house or on your property. There will also be home and termite inspections, a survey performed as well as other possible inspections that will need to be completed before closing. Lila will schedule and attend any necessary inspections.

The signed purchase contract is designed to protect all parties involved. It will be your guide and timeline. This is a crucial time when you rely on Lila’s expertise throughout the escrow process. She will be in close contact with you, escrow, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer’s lender to ensure a smooth escrow process.

Before closing, Lila will make sure that all necessary inspections, paperwork and deposits have been completed. A final walk through will be performed by the buyers and their realtor. Be prepared to turn over any pertinent certificates, warranties that the buyers will need. It is also nice to share with the buyers, who you may have used for yard work and other service companies for the property, and any other information such as trash pick days etc.

A Statement is generated which both buyer and seller will review separately. The buyer and seller will pay “closing” or settlement costs, an accumulation of separate charges paid to different entities for the professional services associated with the buying and selling of the property.

Each party signs at escrow; buyers will make the final payments. The loan funds, and the property records soon after that. Congratulations, your property has officially been sold!!

Whether you are purchasing or selling your property, it is very important to have a clear understanding of your expectations and a good line of communication. This completed form will get us off to a good start. Please take a moment to brief me on your real estate needs, so I can better assist!
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