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Island of Oahu


Oahu, also known as the “gathering place” has the largest amount of people in the state of Hawaii with nearly 1,000,000 people residing, which is about 75% of the state’s population. Honolulu is the state’s capital and the main marine port of Hawaii. No matter where you choose to live on Oahu, the beach lifestyle is what we all have in common. The beauty of the islands is indescribable and the lifestyle is like no other. Each part of Oahu offers a slightly different vibe. No matter where you live, our island is small enough to enjoy with tropical weather year round. The great outdoors is your playground with sun, sand, surfing, hiking, fishing, boating and more.

When considering a location to purchase, it will be necessary to think about what is important to you. Do you want to live in a certain school district? Is being close to work or family important to you? Do you desire to live by the beach or want an ocean view? Do you want a home with a spacious yard or desire a condominium lifestyle where you lock up and leave? What is your budget? These are some of the things to consider when shopping for homes.

Here are a few facts about Oahu:

Tourism and Military: Two leading sources of income that directly affect real estate in Hawaii is tourism and military.

  • Tourism is Hawaii’s leading industry that makes up 21% of the state’s economy. Our economy revolves around the constant flow of tourists from around the world. Majority of people come from the U.S. mainland, Canada, Australia and Asia (mostly Japan, and recently China). Some visitors commonly make Hawai’i their second home. Popular locations of these homebuyers often choose areas like Kakaako, Kahala, Hawai’i Kai, and Waikiki.
  • Oahu’s military has eleven bases that include the army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Veteran’s popular choices to live off base include Leeward, Central Oahu, also Windward Oahu depending on which base you are working at. You also need to factor in your budget, as the median price ranges vary in different locations.

Can you afford to live in Hawaii?

  • A serious consideration is the high cost living in Hawaii. The average salary in Hawaii is about $78,000, but to live comfortably, you would need an income over $125,000. For many people, Oahu’s laid back, simple beach lifestyle far outweighs having to keep up with the current fashion trends or expensive material things.

Loving the outdoors!

  • Oahu has 242 hiking trails. Some popular ones: Koko Crater Trail, Kuliouou Ridge Trail, Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Lookout Trail, Olomana Trail, Maunawili Falls Trail and Lanikai Pillbox Trail.
  • Oahu has over 100 glorious beaches to visit. Lanikai is probably the most popular because of its location, pristine white sand, and the great view of the Mokulua Islands. You must reserve a day to visit Haunama Bay that is a very popular snorkeling spot. Waimea Bay is a famous surfing spot that is gentle in the summer, but comes alive with crushing waves in the winter. Sandy Beach is a very popular surfing spot with typical strong waves year-round. A favorite of many is Kailua Beach that is very beautiful and has warm, turquoise blue water.

Fun, Food and Entertainment

  • There are a wide range of ethnic food here in Hawai’i. Asian food is very popular as it is part of Hawai’i’s culture. You will find Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese restaurants anywhere on the island. You certainly will find authentic Hawaiian, Italian, Mexican, American, and everything in between. There are many known food trucks along the North Shore coast. These food trucks have become increasingly popular and are scattered throughout different Oahu neighborhoods.
  • Bars enjoyed by both the tourists and locals, island wide. “All kine” as the locals say! Wine bars, pool bars, beachfront bars with live music. Lately, there have been breweries popping up in residential neighborhoods that has been a big hit among the locals.
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii is Oahu’s water park located in Kapolei. It is one of Oahu’s ten most visited family attractions. This water park features 25 fun water features to enjoy.
  • There are many educational and cultural attractions to visit. Polynesian Cultural Center in Lai’e, Manoa Falls, Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum, Pearl Harbor to name a few. The famous Shangri La is a must see if you want to visit a famous piece of Real Estate once owned by American tobacco heiress Doris Duke.

Did you say shopping??

  • Ala Moana is the largest open-air shopping in the world with over 2.4 million square feet of retail space. There are world famous brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany, along with a wide range of large department stores, boutiques, and eateries.
  • Waikiki not only is famous for its beautiful beaches, but also the wide range of outdoor shopping. Just park and walk. You will find it all! Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center and The International Market Place has many desired stores, and some of the best restaurants, bars on Oahu.
  • Ward Village is a great shopping area that has a mixture of boutiques, stores, restaurants, movie theater, and a recent pop up ice skating rink in the winter time.

There are lots of indoor and outdoor shopping malls throughout the island. Waikele Outlet Mall is a great venue to find designer stores at discount prices.

Oahu’s Rail Transit System called “Skyline” is now up and running!

This is a light metro system created to ease the congestion of traffic and serve residents that commute to Honolulu from Leeward Oahu. Phase 1 of the project launched 6/30/23. It links East Kapolei (on the Ewa Plain) and Aloha Stadium.

Phase 2 will connect to Pearl Harbor and the airport before reaching to Middle Street which is targeted to open in mid 2025.

The final phase will continue the line across Urban Honolulu to Downtown that is due to open in 2031.

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